Carmine Vano came to the United States at the age of 17 from Italy. He began as a mechanic at Foreign Motors West. He then partnered up with a fellow mechanic to open a garage in Brighton, Mass named European Car Doctors. Working long days, sometimes even through the night, ECD acquired a loyal clientele. The company then moved into Boston where it is still located today, across from Fenway Park.

Daniel, Carmine, Jackie (with fur) and Diana

Alongside Carmine are his daughter, Diana and son Dan. Diana and Dan started coming to the garage with their father at a very young age. Every Saturday they would clean the garage, and as the years went on both got very interested in cars and started to learn about them. Now as adults you will find Diana in the office at European Car Doctors. And as for Dan, with the guidance/knowledge from his dad, he has become a very good mechanic.

Carmine is known for finding and fixing unusual problems with cars. He does not give up - he will spend days and days on a problem, thinking it through and testing until he's resolved the particular issue. He has put forth this determination on his children so that they can strive to give their customers the best service they can possibly offer. From tires to timing belts they are committed to their customers.

Besides being a master mechanic and businessman, Carmine has many hobbies. He makes his own wine, proscuitto and sausages. All of these are featured on our annual Christmas party's menu. Among these hobbies he also enjoys tending to his pets, his rooster Ricky, 3yr old conure George, his iguana Godzilla and his rabbits.

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