Repairs As a Bosch certified service center, we provide customers the finest service on Gasoline Fuel injection, Diesel Fuel Injection, Anti-Lock Brake Systems, Electrical Systems, Hybrid ignition, Electronic systems and service/maintenance.
We strongly advice all customers/consumers to have any used car checked completely before purchasing. We check cars for collisions and proper repairs, checking for future problems, as well as current problems. We list every problem (if any) found, as well as making recommendations. For one set price we check as many cars until one is purchased. This eliminates a lot of future problems between the buyer and seller, as well as for the mechanic who would have to fix a major problem.
Assistance in selling or buying a quality
used car
We will gladly assist in selling your used car, as well as help in finding the perfect car for you.
Tire and Wheel Purchase
and Installation
We can help choose the appropriate wheels and tires for your European car, based on the manufacturers' recommendations and your personal driving style and needs.
We are a recommended installer for Tire

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